Wisconsin State Patrol trooper fills up a man's gas tank after pulling him over

WSP Filling Gas Tank

A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper is being praised for what he did to help someone he pulled over. Trooper Thomas Van Egeren pulled over Chase Ponchaud on Interstate 41 in Brown County earlier this month because Ponchaud's license plates had expired. After the traffic stop, Ponchaud's car wouldn't start, so the trooper used his squad car to push the vehicle to the nearest gas station. But his help didn't stop there.  Ponchaud says the trooper "took out his card and just started filling up my tank and I was just like, you don't gotta do that, and he insisted." "Underneath the hat and behind the badge here, I'm just like everybody else," Van Egeren says.  "I saw somebody that needed a little extra hand and figured why not."



New Jersey State Police send helicopter to lift spirits of preschooler with cancer

NJSP Helicopter

A 2-year-old with a fast-moving form of cancer was treated to a visit by a state police helicopter Wednesday.  Cole McKeon is a big fan of airplanes, and his father, Ridgewood Officer Kevin McKeon, said "his eyes lit up" when the helicopter touched down on the field behind Ridgewood police headquarters.   “We would take weekly trips down to Teterboro Airport. They’ll fly over the corner of the Walmart parking lot, and we’d go down there and watch them land,” said McKeon.  The special visit was made possible when State Trooper Evan Curtiss, a member of the Ridgewood Emergency Services, contacted McKeon to say he would be in the area on Aug. 15.  “We were just waiting for a good day with weather and for Cole to be feeling well,” said McKeon. “He got very excited. His eyes lit up because I don’t think he expected it to land. We said, ‘Oh, that’s Mr. Evans up there.’ And then all of a sudden, it started lowering. He starts pointing like ‘come down, come down.’ And then when he landed, Cole was like ‘OK, take off.’”  Curtiss gave Cole a state police jumpsuit with his name on it, which will be his Halloween costume.  “It was a really nice thing for them to do,” said McKeon. “So many people have done so much for us, it’s above and beyond anything I’ve seen.” The McKeons are Ridgewood residents.   Cole McKeon is undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma, which typically affects children under 10.  He was diagnosed with cancer days shortly after his second birthday. Neuroblastoma starts in certain very early forms of nerve cells, most often found in an embryo or fetus.  Doctors found the cancer near Cole's kidney. It later spread throughout his body and reached his bone marrow.



Wisconsin State Patrol will use airplanes to help reduce speeding

WSP Planes

Wisconsin state troopers can now catch people speeding from the air. In a new effort to help keeps the roads safer, state trooper will start using airplanes to help detect speeding. The planes will use technology to help calculate if cars are going over the limit. If they are, a description will be given to a nearby state trooper. Highway patrol is hoping that this new technology helps to limit crashes that are caused by speeding. "We will be doing several aircraft details throughout the Wausau region. In an effort to get people to slow down and abide by Wisconsin laws. It's more of a highway safety factor again, with speed being a leading factor in crashes. We want to reduce the number of crashes and enhance highway safety," says Wisconsin State Patrol Sergeant Matthew Strickland. Portage county will be the first county to use this new method.
Highway patrol says that the planes should be in the air on August 16th.



California Highway Patrol officer killed in line of duty

CHP End of Watch

Officer Kirk Griess was struck and killed by a vehicle while conducting a traffic stop on I-80, near Manuel Campos Parkway, in Solano. Another vehicle entered the area and struck both Officer Griess and the vehicle he had stopped. Officer Griess and the driver of the stopped car were both killed. Officer Griess was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had served with the California Highway Patrol for 19 years. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and son.



West Virginia State Police trooper wins state award

WVSP Lifesaving Award

Senior Trooper J.B. Yeager of the Beckley Detachment received a Lifesaving Award Thursday in a ceremony at the West Virginia State Police headquarters. On Sept. 24, 2017, a male was on the Glade Creek Bridge on I-64 in Raleigh County, according to Sgt. R.A. Daniel, commander of the Welch detachment. The male was threatening to jump to his death. The male, who was from Oregon, had phoned 911, and a deputy with the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office had responded to speak with him. Yeager also responded and asked to speak with the male subject, Daniel said. After developing rapport with the male, she was able to convince him to step down from the bridge and transport him to a local hospital for evaluation. The male later said if it weren’t for Yeager’s kindness and compassion, he would have jumped to his death. “Trooper Yeager’s commitment to duty, compassion and caring exemplify the traits of the West Virginia State Police,” Daniel said.