Fallen Virginia State Trooper honored


Virginia honored trooper

Virginia legislators and Prince George County officials, as well as state and local law enforcement, gathered Friday in Prince George County to dedicate the Route 301 bridge over Interstate 95 in memory of Virginia State Police Trooper Nathan-Michael W. Smith.  Trooper Smith, 27, died on September 21st, 2015 when his patrol car ran off the left side of the Interstate 295 exit ramp and crashed into the wood line in Prince George County.  The Suffolk native joined the Virginia State Police Department in December 2013.  Following graduation, Trooper Smith was assigned to the Richmond Division’s Area 7 Office, which encompasses the cities of Hopewell and Petersburg, and the counties of Dinwiddie, Nottoway and Prince George.  The Route 301 bridge in Prince George County at Exit 45 over Interstate 95 has been designated as the Trooper Nathan-Michael W. Smith Memorial Bridge Through the efforts of Virginia Senator Rosalyn R. Dance, Virginia Delegate Lashrecse D. Aird and the Virginia State Police Association.


Florida Trooper Rescued a Bald Eagle

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Julio Velez rescued an American Bald Eagle on the Florida Turnpike.


The Greg Walker Challenge




After an Oregon State Trooper lost his battle with cancer, his friends created a challenge to honor his memory.  Oregon State Trooper Greg Walker lost his battle with cancer on July 22, 2016.  His good friend and Colorado State Trooper Jeremiah Sharp created The Greg Walker Challenge to take Trooper Walker's OSP challenge coin across the country.  The goal is to get a photo of the challenge coin in the hands of troopers in 49 states.  On Sunday, the challenge coin made it to the Indiana-Ohio border where Indiana State Trooper Eric Fields and Ohio State Trooper Steve Ilo were pictured with the coin on I-70.  “When the coin has completed the journey, another recipient will follow.  Trooper Walker's Challenge will remain a movement in Greg's honor, to recognize the challenge of other Law Enforcement Professionals who are fighting for their lives," the Facebook page reads.


Michigan State Police gifted "vapor wake" dog


We’ve all see the headlines of people carrying backpacks containing explosives into public spaces.  Sometimes their actions result in death, other times the public is spared.  And now our state has a “new line” of defense against these threats.  They’re called “vapor wake dogs” and the Michigan State Police has been gifted one of them.  He’s a genetically bread Labrador named Louie, and his handler is Michigan State Police Trooper Tim Johnson.  “Their sense of smell is greater than human beings. It’s not that we can’t smell the odor but we have to be much closer to it and there’s no way we can follow it like the dogs do,” explains Trooper Johnson.  Louie is a 15-month-old Lab, still a puppy, but ready to work.  He’s called a vapor wake dog, trained to detect the scent of explosives when they are in motion or in a crowd.  “If you’re walking in a mall and man or woman walks by you with perfume or cologne on you get a couple steps past that person after they’ve passed you smell that in the air, the perfume.  And that’s the way the dog does the vapor wake,” adds Trooper Johnson.  The two tested out their skills this past weekend walking through the crowds at Michigan State before the football game.  “He’ll grab the odor and then try to figure out what person has it on them and then trail the odor until they come across the person that has it on them and continued to follow them until the person stops,” says trooper Johnson.  “So he is locked on the lady that’s walking at a faster rate than all the other people and he will follow continue follow her until she stops or we tell her to stop.”  If these dogs pick up the scent of a bomb they can follow the vapor plume up to the length of several football fields.  Louie and other dogs like him are trained at Auburn University in Alabama.



Massachusetts State Troopers assist a woman in labor


Mass help deliver baby boy

Two Massachusetts State Troopers jumped into action on an extra-special assignment Sunday night, helping assist a woman as she went into labor on the Massachusetts Turnpike.  The call came in just after 7 p.m. Sunday evening from a Framingham couple who had pulled over on Interstate 90 Eastbound at the Allston Brighton tolls, State Police said.  Trooper Joseph Hilton arrived first, followed quickly by Lieutenant William Nee, beating Boston EMS to the scene.  The couple, meanwhile, had pulled into the parking lot just after the toll booth at Exit 18.  The woman, by this time, was in active labor, according to State Police, and both troopers jumped in to assist.  State Police said EMS arrived around 7:35 p.m., and the baby boy was delivered inside the ambulance.  The baby and his parents were then taken to Mass. General Hospital.  "Excellent work by all involved," State Police said in a press release.  Police did not disclose the couple's name, but did share a photo of them and their newborn from MGH, with Trooper Hilton standing by.