Tennessee Highway Patrol to be recognized as Top State Police/Highway Patrol in the Nation

Tennessee cruiser

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) is heading to San Diego, California this week to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference to receive the top three awards.  THP was named the “First Place Winner” in the Highway Patrol/State Police agency category consisting of 501-1500 troopers in the nation for 2016.  Additionally, THP won two awards in “Traffic Incident Management and Technology”.  THP competed by presenting programs and results of public safety efforts.  All law enforcement agencies in the country (local police departments, sheriff’s offices, campus police, military police and state police agencies) were invited to submit a presentation or packet detailing their public safety efforts.  The THP competed in the largest state agency category which is the “mid-size department” division of state police agencies between 501-1500 troopers.  Additionally, THP competed against all law enforcement agencies in the special awards category.  Over the last four years, THP was the only state police agency to place in the top three and won several special awards for their Commercial Vehicle Program.  First Place - State Police Agency with 501-1500 troopers.  Winner - The Technology Special Award Category for predictive analytics program in their TITAN Division.  Winner - The Traffic Incident Management Special Award Category based on their training program and the facility that was built with the help of TDOT at our Training Center.


Texas Trooper Helps Deliver Baby


Texas Trooper Helps Deliver baby boy


A State Trooper helped deliver a baby boy on Saturday.  Trooper Joe Morris was responding to a call about a woman in labor headed for a College Station hospital.  But she didn't make it to the hospital.  Instead, Trooper Morris met the family at the Exxon gas station off of FM 50 in Burleson County.  Together, he and the dad helped deliver a healthy baby boy.  "It was pretty humbling because you can see how things can change so quickly and in such big ways.  It's always neat if you get experience seeing a baby being born, a new life being brought into the world," Morris said. The Trooper met the family on Sunday at the hospital.  Mom and the son are well and will be released soon. 


Horse wandering Massachusetts Turnpike returned home safely


Horse in Massachusetts

A horse that was found wandering the Massachusetts Turnpike in Charlton Saturday morning has been captured and returned home safety, state police have announced.  Massachusetts State troopers responded to reports of a loose horse on Interstate 90 Westbound between Exits 9 and 10 around 9:30 a.m.  Officers were quickly able to capture the wandering horse and remove it from the highway without incident.  The horse was returned home to a farm, which state police said is located near I-90.  State Police said they believe the horse made its way onto the highway after slipping through a fence.


2017 America's Best Looking Trooper Cruiser Calendars

2017 Best Cruisers


2017 America's Best Looking Trooper Cruiser Calendars are available for early ordering (read more at www.statetroopers.org).  The cost of the calendar is $10.00 which includes shipping.


Missouri State Highway Patrol accepts push-ups challenge


Missouri troopers doing push ups


Patrol employees statewide are accepting the challenge to perform 22 push-ups every day for 22 days.  That figure represents the number of veterans who commit suicide each day, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol press release.  “The colonel challenged each one of the troops within Missouri to do the push- up challenge, and of course, Troop H gladly accepted that,” said Sgt. Jacob Angle of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop H.  Angle said he and about 25 troopers completed the challenge on Tuesday.  He also said patrol employees participating in the challenge are using social media to urge other agencies to join them. Angle challenged the Cameron Police Department.  “After I challenged them, I learned they had already done the challenge, but that’s alright as long as they are participating,” Angle said.  Angle said Troop H has several troopers who are veterans. He also said troopers have been willing to participate in the challenge.  “They (veterans) go over there and help support our freedom, they serve every day to protect us,” Angle said.  “It’s a great cause and a great group of people and the Highway Patrol totally supports them.”  According to the news release, the Highway Patrol hopes the social media-driven awareness campaign encourages the public to make more connections with the people around them.  “The Highway Patrol is very pro-military. ... So if doing this helps raise awareness for veterans, the Highway Patrol wants to be a part of it,” Angle said.