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North Carolina Highway Patrol graduates 30 new troopers

NC graduation


The State Highway Patrol proudly welcomed 30 new troopers at a graduation ceremony September 30th for the 139th basic highway patrol school. The celebration ended 29 weeks of extensive academic and physical training.


Ohio Trooper participates in Books with Badges program

Ohio Trooper reading book

Students at Ayers Elementary School in Martins Ferry spent the last few mornings with law enforcement officers, building positive relationships through shared stories.  Students had the chance to meet local first responders through the new reading program Books with Badges.  The program takes responders to area elementary schools to read books to students in an effort to build trust and positive relationships between students and emergency personnel.  Wednesday’s program saw nearly a dozen first responders visit the school to read to students, including representatives from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Martins Ferry and Bridgeport police departments, the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department and the Martins Ferry Volunteer Fire Department. Responders selected the books they would read to the children before splitting up to head to several different classrooms to read to second- and third-graders.  Once inside the classrooms, the officers and firefighters handed out stickers and took turns reading to the attentive pupils, who were happy to have the chance to meet the men and women in uniform and to get to know the responders.  The Books with Badges program is the brainchild of Trooper Chase Watts of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Development of the program has been in the works for about a year. Watts started the initiative to build trust between students and emergency personnel, and to give back to the community. “The biggest thing is that I wanted to have a program where younger kids could be influenced in a positive way, and with everything that’s going on these days in the country I thought this was a great way to make a change,” said Watts. “I just encourage schools to try to incorporate this program into their districts in some way, because every community can benefit from it somehow.”  Watts, a Martins Ferry graduate, chose Ayers Elementary to be the first school to experience the program and said it has met with great success so far.  Watts plans on expanding the program to other local elementary schools in the coming weeks.  He hopes the reading program will continue to grow and expand its reach.  For more information on the Books with Badges program, visit bookswithbadges.org or look up the program on Facebook.


Alabama Sergeant participated in Community Helpers Day

Alabame trooper surrounded by kids


Sgt. Steve Jarrett stopped by Grace Pointe Church in Montgomery for Community Helpers Day.  Sgt. Jarrett visited with the children and staff.  They discussed the importance of seat belt use, the role of law enforcement in the community and read books.


Connecticut State Police has first electronic storage detection dog in the world


Connecticut State Police have trained and added ‘Selma‘ to their ranks.  Selma is the first electronic storage detection dog in the world.  State Police Detective George Jupin put canine Selma through her paces Tuesday morning looking for electronic devices. She is a one-of-a-kind Electronic Storage Detection  (ESD) sniffing dog that can find hidden thumb drives, hard drives, computers, cell phones, and tablets.  Detective Jupin says three years ago the State Police canine unit, computer crimes unit, and crime lab came up with a groundbreaking way in which dogs could sniff out electronic devices.  We have a chemist named Dr. Jack Hubbal, and he was able to look at some of these devices and come up with a chemical used to train the dogs, and we put it altogether and it has been very successful and has been in the field for about three years.”  The canine unit took this chemical in its pure form, and trained Selma in the same way they would train a bomb-sniffing, drug, or arson dog.  Detective Jupin says this chemical is not harmful to her, or humans.  “It is a specific chemical that you are going to find on the computer memory chips that you’re going to find in devices such as thumb drives or sell phones or hard drives or tablets.”  The dog is in such demand that she could be busy 24 hours day, 7 days a week.  The canine team assists federal agents, other State Police around New England, as well as local police.  As an example, they were out until 11:30 p.m. last night working a case that ended in an arrest.  Usually, detectives go in first and remove all electronic devices that they can find, and then they call in Selma.  “Things that may have been concealed in a vent, or under a drawer, or under multiple layers of packaging, or concealed someplace, that is just out of your view or couldn’t be reached.”  The State Police have had requests from all over the world, including Australia, to train dogs for other departments.  They have recently trained FBI dogs to sniff out media.