Maryland State Police issue 119 tickets for distracted driving

Maryland state car


Maryland State Police troopers pulled over 129 drivers Wednesday morning as part of an initiative to combat distracted and aggressive driving on Interstate 270, First Sgt. Rebecca Bosley said. The stops resulted in 119 citations and 69 warnings issued to drivers, she said.  Most were issued to people talking on their cell phones, Bosley said.  The timing of the initiative followed four recent crashes involving police cars stopped on the side of I-270, and two troopers who were injured.  Motorists have struck stopped police cars on Aug. 27 and 29, as well as Sept. 6 and 11, Bosley said. Two were at accident scenes, one was at a traffic stop, and one was rear-ended while in traffic.  Eight troopers in separate cruisers from the Rockville barracks were assisted by two Montgomery County police cars during the initiative, which ran between 6 and 10 a.m. along the highway from I-370 to Democracy Boulevard, Bosley said.  Failure to follow the state’s “Move Over” law—in which motorists are expected to slow down or, if possible, move a lane away from a traffic stop on the shoulder of a road—could lead to a $110 citation and 1 point on a driver’s license.  The police were also targeting single motorists traveling in the I-270 HOV lane, in which cars must have at least two occupants.  A violation can lead to a $90 fine and 1 point.


Two Michigan State Police troopers receive bravery award


MI Trooper saved lifeMichigan Trooper saved life1


Two troopers based out of the Michigan State Police Lapeer Post received bravery awards "for their diligence and perseverance under uncommon circumstances and for going beyond what is typically expected of most law enforcement officers."  On January 4, troopers Jared Grigg and John Sholtz responded to a house in the city of Lapeer.  They observed the home fully engulfed and that the front door was unapproachable due to flames, according to a statement from the Michigan State Police.  A bystander told them children’s screams could be heard from inside the home.  Grigg and Sholtz gained entry through the back door of the home and searched the first floor, which was already engulfed in fire and full of thick smoke.  Sholtz found an unresponsive 6-year-old boy on the floor of the attached garage and carried him outside to Grigg.  Sholtz went back in and searched for additional children and shortly after, dispatch informed him there were no other children inside of the home.  The boy was treated by emergency medical personnel and recovered.  In awarding the department’s Bravery Award, the MSP Board of Awards found that the courageous actions of Grigg and Sholtz undoubtedly saved the child’s life, according to the statement.  Grigg enlisted with the department in 2012, graduating as a member of the 124th Trooper Recruit School. Sholtz enlisted with the department in 1994, graduating as a member of the 110th Trooper Recruit School.  Prior to serving at the Lapeer Post, Sholtz was assigned to the Hastings and Richmond posts, as well as the Gaming Section.




Pennsylvania Trooper visits West Fallowfield Christian preschool


PA State Trooper attends preschool


Today the preschool had a special visit from PA State Trooper Greene as part of their learning about careers curriculum. Trooper Greene sat and talked with them about how police officers like to help people.  He also let them sit in his vehicle.  They enjoyed talking on the intercom and sounding the siren.  He gave them all Junior Trooper stickers.  They know if they ever need help they can trust an officer.  Special thanks to Trooper Greene for educating our little ones today!


State troopers help young Hawkeye fan find dad


Missing Boy Hawkeye fan

Iowa State Patrol officers were captured on camera Saturday helping a lost boy at the Hawkeye game.  Officers can be seen in the photo sitting next to the six-year-old as they worked to reunite him with his dad.  Troopers Cody Reicks and Frank Burns say they were assigned to work the NW corner of Kinnick Stadium when they heard the boy was missing.  “We hadn’t been there for maybe a minute and we heard the radio broadcast of a missing boy,” says Reicks.  “The description was a young boy, six years old wearing a number six jersey,” Burns told us.  It wasn’t long before the two spotted little A.J. in the large crowd all alone.  “Frank looked up and pointed him out, said hey I think that’s him and I said yeah, matches the description,” Reicks says.  The two troopers quickly made their way to A.J.’s side.  “We sat down on the bench next to him, we were talking about the game, talking about Hawkeye football and where he was from and just kind of put him at ease he looked kind of tense at first,” Burns says.  Matt Winchester, a Hawkeye fan sitting up behind the boy and the officers snapped a photo.  “I literally thought it was just the patrolman just socializing with people and I thought that was cool enough, took the picture because I thought it was pretty neat I wanted other people to see it,” Winchester told us.  The boy was soon reunited with his dad.  “He gave him a big hug and obviously his dad was pretty relieved to find him,” Burns said.  It’s something that could have easily been missed by the thousands at the game, but the hard work of Trooper Burns and Trooper Reicks, reunited a father and a son missing each other.  “It’s more cool now that I know what was really going on,” Winchester says. “There were a lot of people looking out for him and I think it was a very good effort by all the law enforcement,” he added.  Iowa State Patrol is unsure of who the family is, but the troopers tell us it’s just a nice feeling to reunite a child with their parents.  We are told there were also many local police officers who helped get the boy and his dad back together.  This whole incident happened just before kickoff, in time for the little boy and his dad to enjoy the Hawkeye game.


Arrive Alive Florida!


Arrive Alive Florida


Look at those smiles!  Nothing makes Colonel Spaulding, Lt. Colonel Thomas and Chief Gourley happier than when you arrive alive!  #FHP #ArriveAliveFL