Florida Highway Patrol trooper intentionally struck by driver on highway

FHP Trooper deliberately hit by car

As Florida Highway Patrol trooper Joseph Perri filled out paperwork on the shoulder of a highway, a speeding sedan slammed into his patrol car.  But what seemed like an accident was actually done on purpose, and the man behind the wheel is facing charges, according to FHP officials.  After ramming into Perri, the Daytona Beach driver got out of the car, approached the trooper and told him he “struck the patrol car on purpose,” said FHP spoksperson Sgt. Kim Montes.  “The allegations that someone would intentionally target a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper as they were working in the name of safety is absolutely horrific,” Terry L. Rhodes, executive director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, said in a statement that was posted on Twitter.  On Monday afternoon, Perri was parked on the eastbound shoulder of I-4 at mile marker 103 near Sanford when 38-year-old Ryan John Hithersay drove his 2005 Hyundai sedan into his car, FHP says.  The Hyundai ended up in a muddy ditch, according to Montez, and the patrol car had side and tire damage.  Perri, 42, was not badly injured but was taken to a nearby hospital.  Hithersay faces a charge of aggravated battery on a law-enforcement officer, Seminole County jail records show.  Early last year, trooper Carlos Rosario, a 12-year FHP veteran, was also hit by a speeding vehicle.  Rosario had just stopped his patrol car on the side of the Dolphin Expressway to clock speeders.  He was standing beside his car when Hugo Andre Olivares, who was texting, speeding and driving, lost control of his Chevrolet and hit Rosario and his Dodge Charger so violently that the parked patrol car lurched forward at about 35 mph, according to an arrest warrant.  Rosario suffered extensive injuries to his legs, spine, face and head.



Friendly elk refuses to leave road with Idaho state troopers

Idaho state trooper and elk

An Idaho state trooper was caught on video trying to chase off a friendly and fearless elk that just wanted to hang out on the highway.  Idaho State Police said they were called to Highway 53, near the intersection with Pleasant View Road in Hauser, where some elk had been reported running through traffic.  One particularly troublesome elk refused to leave the roadway and the state police tweeted a photo of the curious animal poking its head through the window of a patrol cruiser.  "Um, apparently there are ELK on HWY 53 near the WA ID boarder," the tweet said.  "This young gal poked her head in the window of Trooper Branch's cruiser while we were trying to move them off the road.  Use caution in the area."  Resident Michelle Janshen posted a Facebook video of a frustrated trooper attempting to scare the elk away by turning on the lights of his patrol cruiser and flapping his arms menacingly.  The spectacle succeeds only in capturing the animal's attention and it remains with the troopers at the side of the road for several more minutes.



Indiana State Police find 121 pounds of pot during traffic stop

Indiana SP Pot traffic stop

Indiana State Police officers found nearly 121 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop Thursday, resulting in the arrest of two New York residents.  Around 12:31 p.m., officers pulled over a gray Dodge Avenger after the driver, Howard Montogomery, 46, Rochester, New York, allegedly committed several traffic violations will driving eastbound on the Indiana Toll Road.  While police spoke to Montgomery and his passenger, Danielle Ruise, 32 of Rochester, New York, they became suspicious of criminal activity.  A free-air sniff, which allows a police dog to sniff the area around the car, was conducted and state police K-9, Axel, gave a positive indication. After conducting a search, police found about 121 pounds of suspected marijuana in the trunk of the Dodge.  Montgomery and Ruise were both arrested and face preliminary charges of felony dealing marijuana. Montgomery and Ruise were both transported to the Porter County Jail.  The state police were assisted by the Portage Police Department and Porter County Sheriff’s Department.



Massachusetts State Police welcomes 174 new troopers

MSP January 2018 graduation

The Massachusetts State Police expanded its ranks January 25th as 174 recruits were sworn in as troopers at the DCU Center.  After they took their oath, the State Police superintendent, Colonel Kerry Gilpin, reminded them of the responsibilities they face on the job.  “Each of you will have the opportunity to play an important role in the future of the Massachusetts State Police,” she said.  “You join the department at a critical time in our history.”  From the opioid epidemic to threats of terrorism, troopers today are dealing with new challenges, she said.  “This is the nature of policing in America in 2018,”said Gilpin.



NC Highway Patrol trooper's first-time sighting of marijuana baked goods - muffins seized

NC Trooper edible marijuana

N.C. State Highway Patrol Trooper M.D. Dodson has seen copious marijuana nuggets in his days pulling speeders to the shoulder.  But the patrolman had never beheld contraband baked into Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispies Treats before – that was, not until, 11:24 a.m. Jan. 14.  It was late on a Sunday morning, as Dodson watched Interstate 40 and I-85 traffic from a weigh station, near Mile Marker 157’s Buckhorn Road, when a white Hyundai sped past – doing 85 mph in a 65 mph zone.  Dodson hit the lights and sirens and gave chase.  The Hyundai headed east, in the fast lane, Dodson said.  It slowed to 35 mph, Dodson said, before pulling over in a pursuit that lasted seven-tenths of a mile.  Dodson approached the Hyundai on its passenger side.  He motioned for the driver to roll down the window.  “The smell was strong,” he said.  “Yes.  Very strong.”  After asking the driver, Brandon C. Dodd of Greensboro, to produce his license and registration, the trooper spotted a “white trash bag in the console, between the seats, that looked like” it’d been torn, Dodson said, “Do you have any drugs in the car?” he asked.  “He was very nervous and wouldn’t tell me nothing,” Dodson recalled.  The trooper said he could see a mason jar full of marijuana and a brownie wrapped in a clear plastic which Dodd, per instruction, placed on the passenger seat.  Dodson recalled asking Dodd, “‘Are there any weapons in the vehicle?’”  “At that point, he got really, really nervous,” Dodson said, Dodd began to inch his hand – slow as a snail – toward his Hyundai’s glove box.  Dodson did not move slowly, he said, but lunged for the glove box himself.  “There was a gun, cocked with one in the chamber” in the glove box, Dodson said.  The handgun was a “very old,” .9-caliber, Browning pistol which had been manufactured in Belgium, Dodson said, when Browning firearms were still manufactured in Belgium, around the midpoint of the 20th century.  He placed the gun in the grass beside the interstate.  He handcuffed Dodd later, transferred him to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.  Highway Patrol Trooper T. Hussey helped with the arrest and the transport of Dodd.  The lawmen seized the Browning pistol, $480, a digital scale and approximately 8 pounds of marijuana-filled baked good which included Rice Krispies Treats, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and muffins.  “I had never seen any edibles before,” Dodson said.  “That was the first time.”