New Commissioner appointed to California Highway Patrol

CHP New Commissioner

On Friday, Feb. 9 Governor Jerry Brown appointed a new commissioner to the California Highway Patrol.  Warren Stanley, 56, of Sacramento is the first African American person to hold the rank of commissioner.  According to the governor's office, Stanley has been serving as acting commissioner since 2017.  "Commissioner Stanley has been employed with the CHP since 1982, and is one of the distinguished few to hold every position from officer to commissioner within the CHP," a statement from Gov. Brown's office said.   While working as a patrol officer, Stanley served as a member of the Protective Services Detail and worked as a field training officer.  He excelled through the ranks, supervising the CHP’s Border Division Investigative Services Unit as a lieutenant, and served as commander of the CHP Academy, where he was responsible for the leadership of 191 employees and the training of approximately 1,700 cadets.  Commissioner Stanley released the following statement following his appointment:  I would first and foremost like to thank Governor Brown for placing his trust in me and giving me this incredible opportunity to lead the California Highway Patrol.  I am extremely honored and proud to accept this appointment and serve as your commissioner.  I vow to continue the CHP’s long and distinguished legacy of providing safety, service and security to the people of California, and lead a department committed to earning the public’s trust every day.  Commissioner Stanley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Los Angeles, and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Executive Institute.  “CHP Commissioner Stanley has served the public for more than 35 years with the California Highway Patrol, excelling at every role from patrol officer to deputy commissioner where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the CHP,” Acting Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Annis said.  “Warren has led the CHP’s response in the face of some of the worst natural disasters in this state’s history.  We know that under his leadership the department will continue to uphold its mission.”



Michigan State Police trooper credits body armor for saving him

MSP Vest

Michigan State Police Trooper Dan Thayer says he owes his life to the body armor he was wearing the day he and other State Police tried to serve a search warrant at the home of 62-year-old David Kidney in Branch County's Union Township last month. Thayer and another detective sergeant were shot during the incident at the residence on Francisco Road near Arborgast Road.  Kidney was a person of interest in the Duane Finney cold case murder investigation.  Authorities say Kidney came out of his home shooting.  Thayer told WOOD-TV that the vest he was wearing was heavier than the one he normally wears under his shirt.  It worked so well, Thayer wasn’t initially aware that a rifle slug hit him square in the chest.  Detective Sgt. Aaron Steensma was shot in the collarbone is reportedly recovering at home.  Kidney was killed by return fire from the troopers.



New Indiana State Police troopers receive patrol cars

INSP Troopers get new cars

Indiana will have more state troopers on the roads.  32 new Indiana State Police troopers received their patrol cars Tuesday.  The 77th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy class graduated from the academy in October and served three months of field training, where they worked alongside seasoned troopers.  State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said he’s proud of the class and feels a bit like a father to the recruits.  “I’m scared to death, actually, and yes, I do feel like a dad,” Carter said.  “I guess I haven’t thought about it until you said it, but I guess in essence, I do.  (It’s) probably the last time these guys and one gal are going to ever be together again because they’ll all be spread out all over Indiana and I wish them all well and the many blessings they deserve.”



Virginia State Police stop drunk man from attacking a panhandler, then buy victim food and bus ticket


A drunk man jumped out of a van and starting beating a teenage panhandler in Bristol, Virginia Monday afternoon, police said.  But alert Virginia State Police troopers stopped the attack and later purchased food and a bus ticket for the 18-year old who was being beaten.  "At about 12:35 p.m., Monday (Feb. 5), Virginia State Police Trooper Ben Davis was traveling on Old Airport Road when he pulled up to the intersection at Interstate 81’s Exit 7," said VSP spokesperson Corinne Geller.  "Trooper Davis looked over at the off-ramp from I-81 north to see a shirtless, male subject jump out from the passenger side of a Ford utility van stopped at the light."  Geller identified the shirtless man as Victor Allen Asher, 60, Abingdon, Virginia.  The Trooper said Asher had a baseball bat-sized stick and used it to beat an 18-year old man standing near the off-ramp at the intersection asking for money.  "Trooper Davis immediately ran to the 18-year-old’s aid," Geller said.  "It took Trooper Davis and several other troopers to take Asher into custody as he was extremely combative and refused to cooperate with the troopers’ commands."  Police took Asher to the Bristol, Va. Jail.   A VSP Trooper said Asher also assaulted a woman in the van.  The man who was attacked refused treatment, but police apparently were determined to help him.  "Virginia State Police Sgt. Tonya Atwell treated the teenager to a meal at a nearby restaurant," Geller said.  "A trooper then gave him a ride to the nearest bus station and purchased him a bus ticket so he could safely continue on his way."



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