AAST was established to ensure troopers and their families have emotional and financial support, especially when times get tough. Today, AAST has re-dedicated itself to troopers helping troopers.


Active-duty troopers/officers of a State Police/Highway Patrol agency or, retired troopers/officers that completed at least 5 years of service with their agency qualify for AAST trooper membership.

Membership - $35 per year

Contact National Office 800-765-5456 for Questions or Requests

Active and Retired Members
Homes For Hero’s Program
  • AAST Real Estate Partner


  • Health care for retired law enforcement


Line of Duty Death Benefit
  • $10,000 available to active duty trooper members only. Disbursements will be made to beneficiary on file.
Indiana Tech Education Assistance
  • Contact: Josh Webb, Asst. Director of Admissions
    Phone: 502-708-2364 ext. 4922
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Brotherhood Assistance
  • Natural disaster (damage to home from natural disaster: hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, etc.)
  • Financial hardship (accident or injury)
  • Medical expenses (terminal/catastrophic illness)
Bereavement Assistance
$500 for Trooper members’ beneficiary upon member’s death to assist with funeral expenses.
Disbursements will be made to beneficiary on file.
Wellness Benefit
Up to $100 Trooper members’ can receive reimbursement per calendar year for membership at a qualified health and fitness center. Must be a member in good standing for one (1) years prior to applying for this benefit.

Download Wellness Benefit Reimbursement Form

Dependent Educational Scholarships
Up to $3,500 for Trooper members’ qualifying dependants.
AAST member parent must be a member of AAST for the previous two (2) years prior to the scholarship application deadline. Dependent defined as members’ children by natural birth, legally adopted, step-child or child raised as member’s own (claimed on income tax).
Trooper Educational Assistance Reimbursement
Up to $1,000 for Trooper member - maximum lifetime (as funds are available)
Applicants must have been a member in good standing for two (2) years prior to applying for this benefit.
PLEA (Professional Law Enforcement Association) Membership Package
$5,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage - on or off the job, no age restriction (also an opportunity to increase amount of coverage or purchase family coverage).
Access to additional insurance programs that include the following: Legal Defense, Vision Care Insurance, Cancer Insurance.
Member Discount Programs


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Your PLEA membership provides you with access to additional insurance programs that include the following: Legal Defense, Vision Care, and Cancer. You also receive additional discounts: car rental, vendor discounts, etc. Check them out yourself to see which programs will benefit you the most.

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Discount and Donation AGREEMENT between GALLS, LLC and AAST!

Instructions for use by members, friends, family, and supporters.

1) You can go to the site and click REQUEST NEW ACCOUNT. Once you complete the fields and submit, the request will come to our Account Manager - Mrs. Alison Bray [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.];

Phone: 859.266.7227 ext. 2157 / Fax 877-914-2557.

2) You can contact our Account Manager, who will create a log-in for the customer to use.

General Information:

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However, customers may select from the "tab"- SHOP GALLS.COM - which includes every item on their website.

Generally - all items are discounted ten-percent (10%).

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Any item may be embroidered with the AAST logo at a flat charge of $6.00 each.

NOTE: If you select an item from the SHOP GALLS.COM and wish for it to be embroidered - you must contact the Account Manager PRIOR TO PLACING ORDER -and let her know you have selected an item not pre-loaded into the AAST web-page stock.

AAST receives a donation of three-percent (3%) on ALL items purchased from GALLS when you place an order through the AAST Galls website.


Trooper Connection Subscription
Official AAST publication; a quarterly update/review of Trooper activities across the United States
Benefits are reviewed periodically by the National Board of Directors and are subject to change without notice.

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From Our Members


"Your gift helped further my education and allowed me to follow in the footsteps of family members before me. My grandfather, Captain Joe F. Dixon (retired), served the Florida Highway Patrol for 39 years and my father. Major Jeffrey S. Dixon, has been on patrol for the past 25 years. My family has been in FHP for several decades and I graduated in the 137th FHP Academy class in 2017.

I know AAST Supports the education of troopers and their dependants through scholarship opportunities, and I am truly grateful to be a recipient. Man's flight through life is supported by the power of his knowledge and your gift will certainly help me sustain my educational and professional goals. As a part of a trooper's family, this opportunity means a great deal to me and my family. Thank you to everyone at AAST and to my fellow troopers and retirees across the country who support the scholarship program."

- Wesley Dixon,
- Florida Highway Patrol Trooper
- AAST Scholarship Recipient