Scholarship Recipients

AAST Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients


I want to personally thank each and every member past and present for your continued support of the American Association of State Troopers Foundation scholarship program.

Our AAST Foundation was created in 1990 to support and assist our membership with higher education college expenses for Trooper member dependents. This year alone our Foundation awarded 111 scholarships totaling $78,500. With the inclusion of this year’s awards, we are pleased to announce that we have now gone past the 3 million dollar mark in total monetary awards to our member’s dependent from the AAST Foundation. This brings the total number of Foundation scholarship awards to date of 4,170 scholarships since its inception.

If you would like to continue to support this great cause and make a donation to this important scholarship program, please visit our website at or call the National Lodge at 800-765-5456, ext. 204 for more information.

On behalf of American Association of State Troopers Foundation, thank you for your continued support!

Mark Probst
AAST Foundation Chairman

2021 Scholarship Award Recipients

Howard Collins Memorial Scholarship $1,000 – Caitlin Bagnardi - Florida

Lt. Col. John W. Carmody Memorial Scholarship $500 – Lucas Roufa - Florida

  • Erin Andreasen IA
    Gabriel Backes MN
    Julia Ballinger VT
    Brian Bartal PA
    Adrianne Baxter LA
    William Baxter LA
    Anna Beard SC
    Bradley Bigelow MA
    Kaleigh Binkley KY
    Carson Broadwater PA
    Madison Brown FL
    Stephen Burn IA
    Madison Carr CT
    Taylor Champlin NY
    Miles Compani NY
    Parker Cupples LA
    Grace Daniels VA
    Ella Dauber NY
    Branden Davis NY
    Nathaniel DeRochie NY
    Noah DeRochie NY
    Meghan Evans NY
    Rylee Fancher NY
    Kathryn Fleming NY
    Cheyenne Flowers SC
    Amanda Fox CT
    Ryan Fox CT
    Nina Gamelli MA
    Jenna Halsey OR
    Zacharay Halsey OR
    Laila Irigoyen CA
    Natalie Irvin GA
    Jon Jazwinski CT
    Keeley Joyal CT
    Dalton Judd KY
    Margan Kieley NY
    Kalli Knott PA
    Nicholas Koenig IA
    Austin Kuntz NY
    Lauren Lewis VA
    Jane Mangelli NJ
    John Margelli NJ
    Victoria Martin NY
    Harrison McGowan AL
    Meg Meagher MN
    Carmen Medvit PA
    Nathaniel Medvit PA
    Zoie Mitchell GA
    Kimberly Mogg OK
    Joslynn Moore IA
    Kennedy Moore IA
    Dylan Pace FL
    Kayla Pringle WV
    Brea Pulliam TX
    Brandon Reyna CA
    Mikayla Reyna CA
    Kathryn Schoeneberg MO
    Amy Shadle PA
    Jazlyn Smith IA
    Lake Street TN
    Alexis Tademy LA
    Tyler Wagner CT
    Kali Winters MN
  • Tyler Appleton NY
    Katherine Bigelow MA
    Alex Bledsoe OR
    Aiden Boehm NY
    Laura Burchnell TX
    Jackson Cieslack IN
    Blake Cobb AL
    Kendyl Davidson TN
    Derek Easterday OR
    Megan Easterday OR
    Elizabeth Fisher NY
    Caelin Holt NY
    Erin Hood VA
    John Jarrett AL
    Kathryn Kelley MO
    Michael Lucy NY
    Cheyenne McCruter OH
    Andrew McDonald PA
    Mitchell Nash IL
    Faith Ocheskey OR
    Melina Ortiz NY
    Blakely Owens SC
    Ashley Pollock MO
    Lauren Rupsis CT
    Isabella Russo PA
    Tiffany Scism MO
    Malia Scott KY
    Elizabeth Strong NY
    Kathryn Teneyck NY
    Lauren Vandenburgh NY
    Logan Vandenburgh NY
    Madalynn Winters MN
    Keely Woods KS
  • Savannah Armistead MO
    Taylor Brazil TX
    Rebecca Campos FL
    Megan Hodge IL
    Bryce Johnson NY
    Isaac Pringle WV
    Addie Smith IL
    Zander Smith IA
  • Victoria Minor CA
    Alaina Scott IA
    Erica Wagner NY
    Abigail Willis OR

Cruiser calendar contest

From Our Members


"Your gift helped further my education and allowed me to follow in the footsteps of family members before me. My grandfather, Captain Joe F. Dixon (retired), served the Florida Highway Patrol for 39 years and my father. Major Jeffrey S. Dixon, has been on patrol for the past 25 years. My family has been in FHP for several decades and I graduated in the 137th FHP Academy class in 2017.

I know AAST Supports the education of troopers and their dependants through scholarship opportunities, and I am truly grateful to be a recipient. Man's flight through life is supported by the power of his knowledge and your gift will certainly help me sustain my educational and professional goals. As a part of a trooper's family, this opportunity means a great deal to me and my family. Thank you to everyone at AAST and to my fellow troopers and retirees across the country who support the scholarship program."

- Wesley Dixon,
- Florida Highway Patrol Trooper
- AAST Scholarship Recipient