Scholarship Recipients

AAST Announces 2017 Scholarship Recipients


The AAST Foundation has approved 111 scholarships totaling $74,500 to be awarded to AAST members’ children for the 2015-2016 term.

Of those, 74 were first-time recipients of a $500 scholarship, while 29 were awarded a $1,000 scholarship for maintaining a 3.5 GPA during the first scholarship period. A third scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to 8 students who maintained a minimum 3.8 GPA during the second scholarship period.

AAST has awarded over $2.6 million in scholarship to 3,631 members’ children since the program’s inception in 1990.

Scholarship applications are processed by the AAST Foundation to determine applicant eligibility. Scholarships are to be used at post-secondary institutions for the 2016-2017 term. For additional information about the AAST scholarship program, visit

2017 Scholarship Award Recipients

  • Tyler Anderson (IA)
    Marshall Avera (TN)
    John Bagnardi (FL)
    Tiffany Bentley (GA)
    Alyssa Bergman (NY)
    Carly Brazier (AL)
    Ashlee Brazil (TX)
    Haley Brazil (TX)
    Morgan Broderick (PA)
    McKenzie Burford (PA)
    Jessica Chriest (NY)
    Mikayla Clary (IA)
    Blake Cobb (AL)
    Nicole Crispino (NY)
    Mickey Crump (TN)
    Jacob Davis (VA)
    Ashley Denney (VA)
    Luke DiPirro (NY)
    Emma Fratzke (IA)
    Kellie Fredendall (MO)
    Judy Gibson (ID)
    Alannah Goode (NE)
    Arianne Goode (NE)
    Connor Goode (NE)
    Ashlea Green (NY)
    Elena Guy (FL)
    Ashley Haight (ID)
    Kayla Haight (ID)
    Jacob Holloran (OR)
    Erin Hood (VA)
    Jennifer Jablonski (NY)
    Jenessa Jarvis (AZ)
    Kaylee Jeter (AL)
    Joseph Johnson (OR)
    Kira Jordan (LA)
    Shawn Jordan (NY)
    Paul Karsten (MO)
    James Larimore (KY)
    Allison Lencer (PA)
    Eric Lencer (PA)
    Charleston McCormick (TN)
    Evan Mercado (NY)
    Kaitlin Merriam (CT)
    Matthew Merriam (CT)
    Elizabeth Meyr (OR)
    Kinlee Moore (TN)
    Peyton Morse (NY)
    Cady Nelson (AL)
    Parker Nolan (VT)
    Julian Ortiz (NY)
    Marissa Pantol (NY)
    Alyssa Pardoe (PA)
    Savannah Perez (TX)
    Clayton Perras (IN)
    Nikkola Prevett (OR)
    Isaac Pringle (WV)
    Annamarisa Sudigala (NY)
    Kara Tibbetts (TX)
    Gannon Tighe (NE)
    Kassidy Tighe (NE)
    Logan Vandenburgh (NY)
    Rachel Woods (TN)
    Brandon Yunker (OR)
  • Erica Allen (CT)
    Shelby Brooks (TN)
    Mallory Cameron (PA)
    Rachel Cardinal (NY)
    Hannah Christian (TN)
    Brooklyn Davidson (TN)
    Cassandra Divis (WA)
    Eva Dunn (FL)
    Nathan Fillingham (NY)
    Megan Gallatin (IL)
    Samatha Hale (LA)
    Cheyenne Heuberger (OR)
    Brittney Jerd (CA)
    Cole Johnson (NY)
    Emily Johnson (OR)
    Sydney Kuntz (NY)
    Alyssa Lombardi (NY)
    Joseph Lombardi (NY)
    Luke Lyles (MS)
    Gunnar Lynch (IN)
    Wyatt McCabe (WV)
    Taylor Medsger (PA)
    Allison Meyer (IL)
    Vittoria Meyer (IL)
    Victoria Minor (CA)
    Callie Minshew (TX)
    Carrie Perras (IN)
    Jacob Salter (FL)
    Zachary Sheets (VT)
    Kearstin Vander Mel (CA)
    Hadley Walters (OK)
    Danielle West (MO)
    Stephanie Williams (FL)
    Savannah Willis (OR)
    Danielle Witmer (PA)
  • Holly Duvall (OR)
    Jordan Ginn (MS)
    Caroline Jackson (FL)
    Brooke Kelley (MO)
    Morgan Meyerson (MN)
    Chayse Nelson (OR)
    Rachel Pardoe (PA)
    Hannah Payton (KY)
    Braden Shanks (GA)
    Kylee Simpson (AZ)
    Julia Smith (NY)
    Hannah Thomas (PA)
    Angelina Yearwood (NY)

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I know AAST supports the education of troopers and their families through scholarship opportunities, and I am truly grateful to be a recipient. Man’s flight through life is supported by the power of his knowledge and your gift will certainly help me sustain my educational and professional goals. As a part of a trooper’s family, this opportunity means a great deal to me and my family. Thank you to everyone at AAST and to the troopers and retirees across the county who support the scholarship program.”

-Wesley Dixon, AAST Scholarship Recipient