Scholarship Recipients

AAST Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients


The AAST Foundation has approved 95 scholarships to be awarded to AAST members’ children for the 2020-2021 term.

Of those, 49 were first-time recipients of a $500 scholarship, while 28 were awarded a $1,000 scholarship for maintaining a 3.5 GPA during the first scholarship period. A third scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to 14 students who maintained a minimum 3.8 GPA during the second scholarship period.

The fourth scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to 4 students who maintained a 4.0 GPA

AAST has awarded over $2.9 million in scholarship to 3,945 members’ children since the program’s inception in 1990.

Scholarship applications are processed by the AAST Foundation to determine applicant eligibility. Scholarships are to be used at post-secondary institutions for the 2020-2021 term. For additional information about the AAST scholarship program, visit

Congratulations to the 2020 AAST Scholarship Award recipients. In 2020 AAST awarded 95 scholarships totaling $70,500.00. Listed below are the recipients of this year’s award cycle. Since 1991 the AAST Foundation has awarded over 4,059 scholarship awards for a total amount of over $2.9 million.

2020 Scholarship Award Recipients

  • Sean Adamski PA
    Kaylyn Anderson IA
    Tyler Appleton NY
    Caitlin Bagnardi FL
    Emily Beazizo WA
    Alex Bledsoe OR
    Aiden Boehm NY
    Hanna Boehm NY
    Kate Burchnell FL
    Jackson Cieslack IN
    Kendyl Davidson TN
    Peyton Donoho TN
    Derek Easterday OR
    Megan Easterday OR
    Elizabeth Fisher NY
    Gram Hartz NY
    Caelin Holt NY
    Thomas Huett MN
    John Jarrett AL
    Matthew Judge NY
    Calahan Kieley NY
    Michael Lucy NY
    Cheyenne McCruter OH
    Andrew McDonald PA
    Brian Metz VA
    Megan Moriarty DE
    Faith Ocheskey OR
    Melina Ortiz NY
    Blakely Owens SC
    Cole Pantol NV
    Abigail Papkee MA
    Anna Perry TN
    Lauren Rupsis CT
    Isabella Russo PA
    Luke Samuels OR
    Tiffany Scism WY
    Malia Scott KY
    Gracie Shawley PA
    Brooke Stevenson KY
    Lauren Vandenburgh NY
    Melissa Walters OK
    Keegan Watson MO
    Carmen Weeks NC
    Katherine White VA
    Erica Williams TX
    Madalynn Winters MN
    Devin Wolf ND
    Keely Woods KS
    Adam Worthy OR
  • Savannah Armistead MO
    Taylor Brazil TX
    Rebecca Campos FL
    Sean Canada VA
    Allison Carter NY
    Kara Catapano CT
    Lauren Cawley PA
    Joseph Crispino III NY
    Kate Cruickshank WV
    Casey Fabbri PA
    William Farris LA
    Connor Fancher NY
    Hannah Henderson MS
    Megan Hodge IL
    Evan Hulse MO
    Greg Jazwinski CT
    Bryce Johnson NY
    Joseph Johnson OR
    Emma Judd KY
    Aleigha Judd KY
    Stevie Lowe VA
    Kaley Metz VA
    Sierra Pettigrew OK
    Francis Pyanoe IV VA
    Sarah Pringle WV
    Savana Ratliff VA
    Addie Smith IL
    Zander Smith IA
  • Craig Allen CT
    Paige Archambault FL
    Abigail Childs VA
    Jessica Chriest VA
    Ryan Evans NY
    Sarah Kaneski PA
    Jordyn McDonald PA
    Colleen McDonnell NY
    Cayden Nelson OR
    Hannah Nolan MA
    Alaina Scott IA
    Natalie Tyler GA
    Erica Wagner NY
  • Morgan Broderick PA
    Nicole Crispino NY
    Kellie Fredendall MO
    Kinlee Moore TN

From Our Members


"Your gift helped further my education and allowed me to follow in the footsteps of family members before me. My grandfather, Captain Joe F. Dixon (retired), served the Florida Highway Patrol for 39 years and my father. Major Jeffrey S. Dixon, has been on patrol for the past 25 years. My family has been in FHP for several decades and I graduated in the 137th FHP Academy class in 2017.

I know AAST Supports the education of troopers and their dependants through scholarship opportunities, and I am truly grateful to be a recipient. Man's flight through life is supported by the power of his knowledge and your gift will certainly help me sustain my educational and professional goals. As a part of a trooper's family, this opportunity means a great deal to me and my family. Thank you to everyone at AAST and to my fellow troopers and retirees across the country who support the scholarship program."

- Wesley Dixon,
- Florida Highway Patrol Trooper
- AAST Scholarship Recipient